• Are we really efficient?
  • Why does it take two people to do that job?
  • How much is it costing me?
  • What does it really take to do that job?

PalMate ERP is revolutionizing pallet manufacturing and recycling companies as well as timber processing and sawmill operations by dynamically integrating equipment, software, and people. A fully scalable Enterprise Resource Planning software solution, PalMate ERP supports and integrates back office functions with sales and production. PalMate ERP will empower you to confidently leave behind cumbersome pen and paper processes, bringing your business improved visibility and accountability, increased productivity, and an immediate return on investment. Ultimately, this user-friendly system will bring relief to plant managers, accountability to production crews, and bottom line to owners.


Pallet Drawing Integration

Import your custom pallets from your favorite drawing program, including PalDraw, Best Palletâ„¢, Best Loadâ„¢, and PDS.

Accounting Integration

Keep your financial information up-to-date by integrating with Quickbooks, Peachtree or MAS90/200.

Plant Floor Integration

Instant data transfer between your plant floor and PalMate ERP enables you to capture data without paperwork.

Sales and Customer Management

Don’t lose a sale with PalMate ERP’s sales and customer management features, which include the invaluable order trending.

Production Management

Get a handle on your production.  PalMate ERP makes it easy to know what it is you need and when you need it, so that you can accurately schedule production.

Purchasing and Receiving Management

Enable seamless communication between the office and the dock with our purchasing and receiving management.

Shipping Management

Get an overview of what’s going out and even change the schedule with the ease of drag and drop.

Inventory Management

Full control of your inventory is always at your finger tips with the most up-to-date information.

Product Costing

Get an accurate value of your inventory as PalMate ERP tracks the costs of production, receiving and additional inventory costs.

Full Featured Reporting

An extensive collection of predefined reports enabling you to get the most out of the information that PalMate ERP captures.